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Our dedicated team.

Emotive 3D stands as a leading animation and motion graphics studio, offering unparalleled 3D animation and marketing video services.

Founded by the award-winning former PokerStars Head of Branded Content, Neil Morris and 3D Animation pro Martin O’Connor, this partnership epitomises the pinnacle of creative excellence.
Leveraging extensive experience and innovative techniques, we empower clients to stand out in the competitive digital landscape.

Martin O'Connor
Neil Morris

Our team of seasoned artists, animators and filmmakers employs the latest technology to realise your creative vision. Whether it’s a captivating digital advert, an immersive 3D fly-through for property development, a targeted marketing video or an eye catching social media animation, we are dedicated to delivering bespoke content that resonates with audiences and exceeds your expectations.

From Neil Morris:
“We work intimately with our clients, delving into their unique needs and aspirations to produce tailor-made visual narratives. Our commitment spans from the genesis of an idea to the final delivery, aiming always to surpass your expectations and contribute to your marketing and business successes.”

From Martin O’Connor:
“As a premier animation studio, we are passionate about forging powerful, impactful visual content. Choose Emotive 3D as your trusted partner for all things animation and video production. Get in touch with us to explore how our services can bring your ideas to life.”

Watch an interview with Emotive 3D’s very own, Neil Morris


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