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Fortnite VFX Breakdown, Red Bull Contested

Behind the scenes

Creating the VFX for the Red Bull Contested, Fortnite show opener was an exhilarating journey. The Fortnite pros, Reddysh, MrSavage, Pinq and Wolfiez helped Emotive 3D’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling.

Click to watch the opener.

Our team mixed 3D animation with motion graphics and video footage to capture Fortnite’s high-energy vibe. Using the latest technology, we created visual effects that seamlessly blended with live-action shots, grabbing viewers’ attention from the start. Watch to see how our animator, Toby, brought this project to life.

Watch to see how our animator, Toby, created the project.

Top Tips for Creating High-Impact VFX

1. Understand the Source Material: Dive deep into the game or concept you’re working with to ensure your VFX aligns with its style and energy.

2. Blend Techniques: Combining 3D animation, motion graphics and live footage can create a dynamic and engaging visual experience.

3. Utilise Advanced Technology: Stay updated with the latest VFX software and tools to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

4. Collaborate with Experts: Work closely with industry professionals and creatives to bring fresh perspectives and skills to the project.

The Impact of High-Quality VFX

This project not only highlighted our technical prowess but also our creative agility in delivering a high-impact opener that set the tone for the entire show. High-quality VFX can significantly enhance viewer engagement and make your content stand out.


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