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3D Fly Throughs

Welcome to Emotive 3D, the go-to 3D animation company for Property Development. We make stunning 3D fly-through videos that help developers and architects bring their visions to life.




Imagine if you could travel around a complex before construction begins, or walk through a hotel foyer whilst it’s just an architect’s vision. At Emotive 3D we make the impossible, possible. We are 3D animation masters, turning ideas into something tangible, transporting your potential clients into a building before a single brick is laid. With a 3D fly through, you not only see the property but you can actually feel the space.




3D fly throughs are a perfect innovation for the property industry and can be used in a variety of ways such as part of the planning application or site bid, as a marketing tool to sell off plan or fundraise, as a visual aid to help appease locals over a contentious site, or for architects and interior designers to experiment with colours, lighting and aesthetics.

The Process

  • Modelling


    Emotive 3D’s modelling team start by creating a computer generated 3D digital representation of buildings or complexes, from your plans and designs. Everything is built accurately to scale.
  • Camera Path

    Camera Path

    Once the models are created, we work with you to decide on the camera path. It might be a fly through, a walk through, or both. It can be as fast or slow as you require.
  • Fine Detail

    Fine Detail

    Working with your interior designers we can create rooms that are are identical to the future build. We add material textures, colour schemes, carpets, furniture, plants, pictures and utilities, all of which can all be built to spec.
  • Lighting


    Lighting the internal rooms will bring the property to life. Our brilliant lighting team use light to add reflections and shadows. As the camera moves the lighting changes just as it would in reality, we can even show natural sunlight on a sunny day impacting the room.
  • Rendering


    After all amends are completed, the 3D animation is ‘rendered’ frame by frame. This can be a lengthy process, depending on the fine detail, the number of buildings/rooms, the lighting requirements and the length of the final film.
  • Deliverables


    The final films will be delivered as per your brief. They can include voice overs, music or captions. Shorter edits and various aspect ratios can be exported for presentations, websites and social media.



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