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Live Action Video

Our live action video service brings your brand’s story to life with authentic, engaging content that boosts credibility, creates emotional connections with your audience, and drives meaningful engagement and conversions.

Our Live Action Services

Our Live Action Services

Emotive 3D’s Live Action Video Services elevate your brand with cinematic quality and emotional storytelling, ensuring each video deeply connects with your audience. Leveraging top-tier equipment and creative expertise, we craft beautiful narratives that not only captivate but also strategically support your marketing objectives. Elevate your brand’s digital presence and drive engagement with our bespoke live action solutions.
What Is Live Action?

What Is Live Action?

Live action video refers to footage captured with cameras that depicts real-life events, people or settings. It is distinguished from animation or computer-generated imagery, as it relies on physical actors, environments and props to convey a narrative or convey information. Live action video is commonly used in film, television, commercials and online content, offering a sense of realism and immediacy that resonates with audiences.

Why Live Action?

Live action video delivers an authentic and relatable visual narrative that strengthens brand credibility and fosters trust with audiences.

It enables a direct emotional connection through storytelling, capturing viewer attention and enhancing brand recall. Moreover, the versatility of live action content allows for wide applicability across marketing channels, effectively boosting brand awareness and engagement.

  • Green Screen

    Green Screen

    We offer unparalleled creative flexibility, enabling businesses to craft visually stunning and highly customised content that captivates audiences and elevates brand presence in any market.
  • VFX


    Emotive 3D’s VFX service empowers your business to transcend the ordinary, creating breath-taking visuals that engage audiences, differentiate your brand and elevate your storytelling to new heights.
  • Corporate Videos

    Corporate Videos

    Our corporate video service conveys your brand’s essence with high-quality visuals, strengthening connections with your audience and stakeholders.
  • Gaming and eSports Production

    Gaming and eSports Production

    Our video production service combines creativity with technical excellence to produce compelling content that enhances brand engagement and drives your marketing objectives forward.
  • Event Coverage

    Event Coverage

    Our event coverage captures the essence and excitement of your events, creating dynamic content that extends the experience to a broader audience and amplifies your brand’s reach.
  • Commercial Production

    Commercial Production

    Our video production service offers an end-to-end solution that transforms your ideas into visually engaging narratives, boosting your brand’s appeal and engagement across all platforms.


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