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Motion Design

Emotive 3D’s motion design services enrich your brand’s storytelling with fluid, compelling animations that enhance message clarity, engage audiences and elevate your overall digital presence.

Our Motion Design

Our Motion Design

At Emotive 3D, our Motion Design services are designed to breathe life into your brand’s story through immersive and innovative visual storytelling. Specialising in crafting dynamic and engaging content, we blend creativity with state-of-the-art technology to produce motion graphics that not only captivate your audience but also communicate your message in a visually appealing manner. Whether it’s for advertising, corporate presentations, social media content, or informational videos, our team is dedicated to delivering high-quality, custom motion graphics that lift your brand’s digital presence.
What Are Motion Graphics?

What Are Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics are a dynamic form of visual communication that combines elements such as text, images and animation to create engaging and informative content. It involves the use of software tools to animate graphic designs and bring them to life, often used in film, television, advertising and online media. Motion graphics can range from simple animated logos and title sequences to complex visual effects and data visualisations, providing an effective way to convey information, tell stories and immerse audiences.

Why Motion Design?

Incorporating motion design into a brand’s strategy significantly enhances brand awareness.

Motion design captures viewers’ attention, simplifies complex messages and fosters an emotional connection, leading to increased engagement and recall. This dynamic content format differentiates a brand, driving higher interaction rates and spreading its message more effectively across various platforms.

  • Logo Animation

    Logo Animation

    Emotive 3D’s logo animation service bring your brand identity to life, creating a memorable first impression that enhances brand recognition and sets a dynamic tone for your digital presence.
  • Kinetic Typography

    Kinetic Typography

    We can craft bespoke, visually appealing text designs that enhance readability, convey brand personality and elevate your content’s impact across all media.
  • Infographics and Data

    Infographics and Data

    Our infographic service transforms complex data into clear, engaging visual narratives that enhance understanding and retention for your audience, boosting the effectiveness of your communication strategy.
  • UI/UX Animations

    UI/UX Animations

    Make your customers aware of a new app, website or update with our enticing UI and UX animations. This will help retain existing customers whilst increasing brand awareness.
  • Title Sequences

    Title Sequences

    Our title sequences, designed for TV shows, live streams and live event openings, excite audiences from the very start and set the tone for an unforgettable experience.
  • Explainer Videos

    Explainer Videos

    Emotive 3D’s explainer video service distils complex ideas into clear, engaging narratives, enhancing audience understanding and engagement with your brand or product.


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